Quickie Life R

Price from £1250 exc VAT  £1500 inc VAT

The Quickie Life R is a lightweight, rigid, active wheelchair that offers full on-board adjustability and is an ideal choice for first-time active users. 

With a total weight of just 10.7kg it is ideal entry-level, rigid, active wheelchair for users looking for energy efficiency, adjustability and durability. 



Key Features

  • Fixed front or swing away frame
  • Front and rear seat height adjustment
  • Fully adjustable rear wheel position – enables easier propulsion, manoeuvrability and stability
  • 4 rear wheel camber positions
  • 4 centre of gravity settings
  • Adjustable castor fork adjustment
  • Optional angle adjustable backrest
  • Wide selection of options and accessories – easily customises to your exact needs
  • Wide selection of colours – to match your unique style
  • From 10.7kg total weight

Product specification

Width:                                             SW + 200mm (8“) – (20cm)
Seat Width:                                    340mm – 480mm (13-19″) – (34cm – 48cm)
Seat Depth:                                    360mm – 500mm (14 – 20“) – (36cm – 50cm)
Front seat height:                         390mm – 500mm (15 – 20“) – (39cm – 50cm)
Rear seat height:                          360mm – 470mm (14 – 18“) – (36cm – 47cm)
Backrest Height:                          250mm – 500mm (10 – 18“) – (25cm – 50cm)
Backrest Angle:                            -12° to +8°
Colours:                                         32 Colours
Maximum User Weight:            125 kg (19.7 stone)
Total Weight:                               From 10.7 kg

This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19


Quickie Life Presenter brochure
Brochure Manual Options Accessories-Guide
Brochure Quickie Life Family
Quickie Life R Owner Manual
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