Quickie Nitrum

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The new Quickie Nitrum is the latest member of the Quickie’s ultralight manual chair range.  It is the lightest, adjustable aluminium chair on the market with a transport lifting weight of just 4.9kg.   It has been designed to maximise strength and improve push efficiency whilst also reducing weight.   It is packed full of on-board adjustment to enable fine-tuning to each user’s propulsion and stability needs whilst also offering a huge range of options to customise to life lifestyle needs.   



Key Features

  • Oval framed tubing – increased strength and less frame flex for easier for lifting and transfers
  • 7020 Series Aluminium – Hydroformed and hand welded for increased strength and reduced weight
  • New Patented one-piece castor link – strong, lightweight and adjustable for enhanced propulsion efficiency
  • New ‘twist lock’ backrest – enables easier folding for transfers
  • Adjustability – largest ever range of sizes and adjustments for the perfect ‘tailored fit’ and optimal performance
  • Wide selection of options and accessories – easily customises to your exact lifestyle needs
  • User-led innovations – LED lights, block and tackle upholstery, new compact wheel locks and JAY J3 ‘Freestyle’ back.
  • From 7.5kg total weight
  • From 4.9kg transport weight (with quick release wheels removed)

Product specification

Seat Width:                             320-500 mm
Seat Depth:                             340-500 mm
Front seat height:                  430-570 mm
Rear seat height:                    370-500 mm
Backrest Height:                    250-450 mm
Back Recline:                          -17.5° – 10°
Colours:                                   32
Maximum User Weight:       125 kg
Total Weight:                          7.5 kg

This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19


Quickie Nitrum Brochure
Brochure Manual Options _ Accessories Guide
Quickie Nitrum Owner Manual
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