Spex Height-Adjustable Back Support

The Back Support that stretches for future growth!

An innovative back support shell style retains all the lightweight yet sturdy features of the Vigour and Spex Back Supports yet incorporates inbuilt growth adjustment due to the unique shell style.

This growth system has an upper sliding interface and allows up to 4” / 10cm of additional growth adjustment meaning that from the initial wheelchair setup the prescriber can rest assured that the back support can grow in height as the user grows. This is particularly effective for paediatrics.

The foam and upholstery unit is matched for the longest growth setting meaning that you don’t have to purchase different sizes of padding as the user grows.

The height-adjustable shell is available with the following padding options:

  • Vigour foam: for users with symmetrical postures.
  • Micro-cube foam: for users that require heat reduction and comfort
  • Spex contourable cube padding: for users with asymmetries and who require pressure reduction



Designed for the individual who requires:
  • Future growth ability
  • A specific height of back support (without the concern of purchasing a custom item)
  • Multiple user applications or assessments
  • Users pending surgery with ongoing changes to their wheelchair seating


Functional Benefits

  • When a wheelchair user grows, this is typically predominantly in height more than in width
  • Foam padding follows adjustments made
  • Available in sizes to fit 10” to 18” wheelchairs
  • Available with Vigour, Micro-cube and Spex


Product Specifications





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