Heads Up® Headrest by Whitmyer

Innovative anterior, posterior, and lateral wheelchair head support for the head and neck

The Heads Up is an innovative head support designed to maximize clients’ interaction with their environment by providing anterior, posterior, and lateral support of the head and neck. It features comfortable, anatomically shaped support pad, a removable chin support and swing out arms to assist easy client transfers and varying client presentations.



Innovative Anterior Support Arms

  • Provide anterior surface for chin support pad to promote upright head position
  • Swing-out function allows for easy transfer
  • Lower lateral adjustments accommodate varying body shapes

Supplied Complete with Whitmyer Mounting Hardware

  • Axys – Strong, reliable and successfully transit tested with the contoured cradle version
  • Pro Stem – Our strongest hardware for the most challenging cases

Available with Two Industry-Proven Head Support Options

The Heads Up is available with two time tested and approved posterior support options.

  • Contoured Cradle – comfortable and easy to adjust superior lateral cervical support for infants to adults
  • Single Sub-Occipital (Shown right) – Has additional occipital pad for extra support to encourage cervical flexion


Sizes:Infant: up to 8.3cm
Small: up to 10.1 cm
Medium: up to 11.6 cm
Large: up to 14.7 cm
Product Options
Mounting Options:Available complete with AXYS or PRO mounting systems and mounting bracket
Lateral Facial Supports:Unilateral or Bilateral: Spot, Standard, Long, Oval, Large-C, Medium-C, Small-C, FS0-8
Anterior Support Options:Dynamic Forehead Strap, DFS2, Strap Cap, Static Forehead Strap





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