Quickie Q500 R SEDEO PRO

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The Quickie Q500 R SEDEO PRO is a powerful rear wheel drive powerchair and a great outdoor performer. It is also ideal for indoor use due to the compact base footprint. It is combines the highly adjustable SEDEO PRO seat system and advanced control systems for superb outdoor ride performance, comfort and functionality.

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Key Features

  • Spring suspension –  ensures greater stability, traction and comfort  
  • Leveller technology – the pivoting rear gimble bar ensures that traction is maximised when accessing across cambers and uneven ground at higher speeds
  • Low seat to floor height of 415mm – ensures you can access under tables and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 
  • 2 or 4-pole motors – providing you with a higher speed up to 13kph or greater power for obstacle climbing 
  • 60 or 80Ah Batteries – giving up to 40km range so you can travel further and longer
  • SEDEO PRO seat system –  highly adjustable and configurable seat with the largest selection of SEDEO, JAY and Whitmyer options to meet moderate to complex clinical need
  • SEDEO Flexible backrest cushion  – provides enhanced truncal support and comfort 
  • Full powered seat functionality – powered seat movement to match your health, comfort and positioning requirements 
  • Biomechanical anti-shear backrest – 4” (100mm) of travel offers greater skin protection when changing position without losing pelvic, trunk or head position 
  • VR2 or R-Net controls – provides reliable and advanced control of your chair 
  • Switch-It special controls – wide range of alternative control input devices to maximise your independence in controlling your chair  
  • Link-It mounting system – a innovative connection system for mounting Switch-It special controls to ensure that they remain positioned exactly where you need them 

Product specification

Width:                                     640 mm
Length:                                    Max. 1180 mm
Seat Width:                             380 – 560 mm
Seat Height:                             415 – 490 mm
Seat Depth:                              400 – 560 mm
Backrest Height:                     440 – 560 mm
Back Recline:                           90° – 150°
Turning Radius:                      950 mm
Max. Range:                             40 km
Speed:                                        6 & 8 kph (standard), 10 & 13 kph (optional)
Batteries:                                   60 Ah, 80 Ah (optional)
Maximum Safe Slope:            10°
Max Kerb Climb:                     80 mm without / 100 mm with kerb climber
Electronics:                               VR2, R-Net controller; lights & indicators
Maximum User Weight:         160 kg

This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19


Brochure QUICKIE Q500 Pro Series


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