Dietz Sango Advanced Rear Wheel Drive

SANGO Advanced – Mid wheel drive   

Price starting from:  £5650 exc VAT, £6780 inc VAT

The SANGO Advanced mid wheel drive offers a combination of great traction and comfort for outdoor use with a compact chassis size for tighter manoeuvres when being used in indoor environments.

The rubber suspension system offers an almost silent drive and the highest level of comfort because it absorbs vibrations from general surfaces as well as larger bumps from rougher outdoor obstacles. An additional pivot point also offers extra stability on cambers and when cornering.

Fitted as standard with R-net controller and 4-pole high torque motors the SANGO Advanced offers a great drive with high levels of manoeuvrability and smoothness. A range of motor speed options are available for slower indoor use or a faster drive outdoors. 

60Ah batteries allow a good range of driving and 78Ah or 100Ah batteries can be selected as an upgrade for further extension to the range achievable.

The SANGO Advanced has been designed to make transfers, access under tables and other furniture as well as driving into Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV’s) effortless through the ultra-low seat height from 38cm (with 12” drive wheels)

If needed for driving a wheelchair accessible vehicle from the SANGO advanced, it can be ordered with the preparation required for use with the DAHL drive system.

The SEGO seating system is fully adjustable to each individual requirement and a range of seat cushions, backrest cushions and other accessory options allow for optimal comfort and postural support to be achieved.

A full range of powered options can be selected including, powered seat tilt, powered seat lift, powered backrest recline, powered anterior seat tilt, powered centre mount legrest and powered individual legrests.

If very specific requirements cannot be met by standard options, the SANGO advanced can be fitted with customised and bespoke items to ensure a perfect solution.





Product specification

* All size measurements in centimetres (cm)
Seat Width:
42 / 44 / 46 / 48 / 50 / 52 / 54

Seat Depth:
48 / 55

Seat Height (14inch Wheels, Without Seat Cushion):
39 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45 / 46 / 47 / 48 / 50

Backrest Height:
50 / 57

Backrest Recline:
30° (Powered) (Optional)
45° (Powered) (Optional)
73° (Powered) (Optional)

Seat Lift Height: 30 (Powered) (Optional)

Seat Tilt:
45° (Powered) (Optional)
52° (Powered) (Optional)

Armrest Height:
34 (Standard)
30 / 40 (Optional)

Front Frame Angle: 6° to 70° (Powered) (Optional)

6km/h (3.7 mph) (Standard)
10km/h (6.2 mph) / 12.5 km/h (7.8 mph) (Optional)

Battery Size:
60Ah (Standard)
78Ah (Optional)
100Ah (Optional)

Max. Range: 35km approx

Turning Radius:
62 (FWD)
81.5 (RWD)
42 (MWD)

Max. Kerb Climb: 5

Electronics: R-Net

Total Length:
98 (RWD)
98.5 (FWD)
107 (MWD)

Total Width: 61.5 to 70
Total Weight: 159kg

Maximum User Weight: 160kg

Warranty: 2 years frame, 1 year parts and electronic


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