Quickie Krypton

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The QUICKIE Krypton is the flagship product in the ultralight active wheelchair range.   It is the lightest, strongest, fully adjustable, carbon fibre wheelchair and has been designed without compromise.  The rigid, ultralight weight frame allows you to get the most movement per push for optimal propulsion efficiency.   The Krypton F (folding frame) is 500g lighter then the Xenon2 and is the lightest adjustable wheelchair in the world.



Key Features

  • Choice of rigid or folding frames – reduces weight and is easier for lifting and transfers
  • Unique X-BRAID technology – continuous weave design ensures strength, rigidity and quality. It is stiffer, stronger and lighter than aluminium.
  • Fully adjustable rear wheel position – enables easier propulsion, manoeuvrability and stability
  • Wide selection of options and accessories – easily customises to your exact needs
  • Choice of raw or coated frames – premium quality finish to perfectly matches to your style
  • From 6.2kg total weight
  • From just 3.65kg transport weight (with quick release wheels removed) – reduces upper body and arm strain when lifting for transport

Product specification

Width:                                                760 mm/Length: 930 mm/ Height: 950 mm (R)
Width:                                                720 mm / Length: 1075 mm / Height: 950 mm (F)
Seat Width:                                       320 – 460 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Seat Depth:                                       340 – 480 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Front seat height:                            430 – 550 mm
Rear seat height:                              380 – 500 mm (R) 370 – 500 mm (F)
Backrest Height:                              250 – 450 mm (R) 250 – 475 mm (F)
Backrest Angle:                                59° – 105° (R) 75° – 103° (F)
Camber:                                             0°/3° (R) 0°/2°/4° (F)
Colours:                                             Transparent gloss, transparent matt, black gloss, black,Matt
Maximum User Weight:                 125 kg (R) 110 kg (F)
Total Weight:                                    Transport weight from 3.65kg (R); 5.8kg (F). With wheels
weight from 6.2 kg (R) From 8.3 kg (F)


Quickie Krypton F Owner Manual
Quickie Krypton R Owner Manual
Quickie Krypton F Order Form
QUICKIE Krypton R Order Form


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