Quickie IRIS (Rigid)

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The Quickie IRIS is a configurable and adjustable tilt-in-space manual wheelchair which offers Intelligent Rotation-In-Space (IRIS) and a huge range of options and accessories to accommodate both user and caregiver needs.



Key Features

  • Up to 60° Tilt-in-space – smooth and easy to operate for enhanced pressure redistribution and postural positioning
  • Dynamic Backrest option – gently absorbs strong pushing, extensor tone or rocking movements whilst ensuring the user’s correct pelvis and trunk position
  • Foot release tilt actuator – easy to operate and reduces the hassle of cable tangles
  • Wide selection of colours, options and accessories – easily customises to your exact needs
  • Hub brakes as standard – gives caregivers greater control and confidence when pushing
  • Foldable – quick-release wheels and foldable backrest ensure easy transportation or storage

Product specification

Width:                                                 SW + 240mm (24cm)
Seat Width:                                        360mm – 560mm (36cm – 56cm)
Seat Depth:                                        360mm – 560mm (36cm – 56cm)
Front seat height:                             320mm – 500mm (32cm – 50cm)
Rear seat height:                               320mm – 500mm (32cm – 50cm)
Seat Angle:                                         -5º-60º
Backrest Height:                               460mm – 540mm – 610mm (46cm – 54cm – 61cm)
Backrest Angle:                                 80º-120º
Frame Inset:                                       –
Camber:                                               –
Colours:                                              17 colours
Frame Type:                                      60º-70º-80º
Maximum User Weight:                 113kg/158kg (XL version) – (17.80 stone / 24.90 stone XL version)
Total Weight:                                    from 17kg

This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19




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