JAY Shape Wheelchair Back

Premium tension adjustable backrest for greater support and comfort.

Combining a highly adjustable strap system with a soft and breathable upholstery, the JAY Shape is a lightweight and foldable solution for fixed or semi-reducible spinal postures. The lateral supports maximise the benefit of this backrest when a more complex, non-symmetrical support surface is required. The backrest can be customised with spine alignment components for maximum surface contact to optimise the pressure distribution and support for fixed postures such as kyphosis, scoliosis, hyper lordosis or rib cage asymmetric.


From £222



Key Features

  • Premium Tension Adjustable Upholstery
  • Exceptional Comfort and Breathability
  • Lateral Supports for Advanced Positioning


Product Specifications

Width:                                    360mm – 480mm (in 20mm increments) / 36 cm – 48 cm (in 2 cm increments)
Height:                                   400mm / 460mm / 500mm – (40cm / 46cm / 50cm)
Maximum User Weight:     135kg (21.3 stone)
Product Options
Cover Type:                           Microclimatic cover with spacer fabric




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