Spex Classic T Shape Back Support

Easily solve upper torso positioning needs for most wheelchair users with the Spex Classic T Shape Back Support. The T Shape Back Support incorporates the classic Spex contouring cube system to allow on-the-spot customisations for torso comfort and asymmetry needs, whilst also providing greater stability for the user’s upper body.

Greater stability in the trunk can allow for improved head and neck movements, and greater contact surface can aid with pressure distribution for comfort. The contouring and immersion ensures that individual body shape and comfort needs are easily responded to with the T Shape Back Support.



The T Shape provides superior upper back and shoulder support, and is especially useful in situations where the user requires tilt-in-space and their upper body and shoulders will have more contact with the contact surface of the back support.

  • Superior upper back and shoulder support
  • Effortless customisations
  • On-the-spot adaptions for changing postural needs
  • Instant results
  • Cubes can be removed and added at any time
  • Contouring doesn’t move or slip out of adjustment
  • Additional contouring support wedges can be used to further enhance the degree of contouring for individual body shapes

While the standard Classic Back Support style with its rectangle shape fits between the wheelchair canes, the T Shape sits in front of the wheelchair canes due to the additional shoulder support components.

Functional Benefits

  • Superior upper back and shoulder support
  • Instant contouring of the back support surface
  • Non-slip contours don’t move out of adjustment
  • Slots & hole positions on ventilated shell
  • Dual-layer outer cover technology

Product Specifications

Weight Capacity
Back Support Size 10″-15″
(25.4-38 cm)
(41-51 cm)
(53 cm+)
Maximum Occupant Weight 200 lb (90 kg) 300 lb (136 kg) Must use Heavy-Duty brackets
400 lb (180 kg)
Maximum Occupant Weight with Heavy-Duty Brackets 300 lb (136 kg) 400 lb (180 kg)





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