Spex Vigour Hi Back Support

Suited for users requiring full height backrest support for maximum trunk and shoulder support, this rigid and exceptionally adjustable backrest easily installs to any wheelchair.

Lightweight yet tough to meet the daily lifestyle demands of active wheelchair users. Backrest angle and seat depth offers exceptional adjustability and can be facilitated with the user in the wheelchair. Ventilated spacer-fabric and shell system increases air-flow through the backrest offering daily comfort.

Comes with an additional positioning kit which includes lateral stability wedges and lumbar pad for individual settings. Powerful 4 attachment brackets affix onto the wheelchair backrest canes delivering ultimate strength and zero wobble. Modular componentry means you can select from our entire seating range of laterals, headrests, harnesses etc.



Designed for the individual who requires:

  • A solid/rigid backrest.
  • Ability to self-propel.
  • Minimal to moderate postural support.
  • Improved spinal and pelvic positioning whilst maintaining propelling efficiency.
  • Has mild torso asymmetries.
  • Appropriate for clients who have changing postural needs over time.

Functional Benefits:

  • Offers exceptional trunk and thoracic stability.
  • Lightweight rigid aluminium backrest with quick-release hardware.
  • Minimal contouring, and includes positioning kit for further postural enhancements.
  • Modular componentry means you can ‘mix and match’ with different lateral pad options and positioning supports if more forceful support is required.


Product Specifications

Weight Capacity

Back Support Size 10″-15″
(25.4-38 cm)
(41-51 cm)
(53 cm+)
Maximum Occupant Weight 200 lb (90 kg) 300 lb (136 kg) Must use Heavy-Duty brackets
400 lb (180 kg)
Maximum Occupant Weight with Heavy-Duty brackets 300 lb (136 kg) 400 lb (180 kg)


Size Options

Thickness of the back support is 3 cm.

Width Height Code Cover
10″ 12″ 1252-1012-00H 1252-1012-00H-C
14″ 1252-1014-00H 1252-1014-00H-C
16″ 1252-1016-00H 1252-1016-00H-C
11″ 12″ 1252-1112-00H 1252-1112-00H-C
14″ 1252-1114-00H 1252-1114-00H-C
16″ 1252-1116-00H 1252-1116-00H-C
12″ 14″ 1252-1214-00H 1252-1214-00H-C
16″ 1252-1216-00H 1252-1216-00H-C
18″ 1252-1218-00H 1252-1218-00H-C
13″ 14″ 1252-1314-00H 1252-1314-00H-C
16″ 1252-1316-00H 1252-1316-00H-C
18″ 1252-1318-00H 1252-1318-00H-C
14″ 16″ 1252-1416-00H 1252-1416-00H-C
18″ 1252-1418-00H 1252-1418-00H-C
20″ 1252-1420-00H 1252-1420-00H-C
15″ 16″ 1252-1516-00H 1252-1516-00H-C
18″ 1252-1518-00H 1252-1518-00H-C
20″ 1252-1520-00H 1252-1520-00H-C
16″ 18″ 1252-1618-00H 1252-1618-00H-C
20″ 1252-1620-00H 1252-1620-00H-C
23″ 1252-1623-00H 1252-1623-00H-C
17″ 18″ 1252-1718-00H 1252-1718-00H-C
20″ 1252-1720-00H 1252-1720-00H-C
23″ 1252-1723-00H 1252-1723-00H-C
18″ 18″ 1252-1818-00H 1252-1818-00H-C
20″ 1252-1820-00H 1252-1820-00H-C
23″ 1252-1820-00H 1252-1820-00H-C
19″ 18″ 1252-1918-00H 1252-1918-00H-C
20″ 1252-1920-00H 1252-1920-00H-C
23″ 1252-1923-00H 1252-1923-00H-C
20″ 18″ 1252-2018-00H 1252-2018-00H-C
20″ 1252-2020-00H 1252-2020-00H-C
23″ 1252-2023-00H 1252-2023-00H-C





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