Quickie Q200 R

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The Quickie Q200 R is a compact, indoor/outdoor rear wheel drive powerchair.  It is the bigger brother of the Q100 R and designed with a small footprint of just 580mm wide and 1070mm long with a small turning circle of 1700mm.  The compact chassis accesses indoor environments with ease but in offers greater outdoor performance – stability, traction and obstacle climbing power.   It also has a maximum user weight of 136kg and is perfectly suited to taller and heavier users but is still lightweight at just 98kg – ideal for hosting into vehicles or accessing through floor lifts.   

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Key features

  • SMART base technology – innovative new testing method which perfectly balances stability with drive performance 
  • Lightweight –  weighing just 98kg makes it ideal for through-floor lifts  or hoisting into vehicles 
  • 14” drive wheels and 9” castors – enable greater outdoor performance 
  • 55Ah batteries – 31km (19 mile) range and low maintenance 
  • Adjustable seat width – easily accommodates hip widths of 430mm-480mm 
  • 5 strap tension adjustable back support –  provides increased trunk support and enhances comfort 
  • In-rig kit – reduces seat width down to 380mm to accommodate narrower hip widths  
  • Centre mount legrest – supports feet in a more central position and reduces overall length for maximum manoeuvrability 
  • 100mm kerb climbing – for greater outdoor performance  
  • Q-Series styling –  matte back frame and choice of four coloured accents to perfectly match your style

Product specification

Width:                                     580 mm
Length:                                   1070 mm
Seat Width:                            380 – 490 mm
Seat Height:                           450 mm (17.5”) or 490mm
Seat Depth:                            405 – 505 mm
Seat Tilt:                                 0° – 6°
Backrest Height:                   500 mm (20”)
Back Recline:                         0°, 4°, 8° & 12° (manual)
Turning Radius:                    850 mm
Max. Range:                           31 km (19 miles)
Speed:                                     6 km/h
Batteries:                                55 Ah
Maximum Safe Slope:         8°
Max Kerb Climb:                  70 mm – 100 mm (with Kerb Climber)
Electronics:                            VR2
Min. Weight:                          from 98 kg (incl. 55 Ah batteries)
Maximum User Weight:      136 kg

This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19


Brochure Quickie Q100R _ Q200R
Q200 R Owner Manual
Q200 R Motability Order Form


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