Permobil EvoShape Sleeping System

A lying support orthosis that is made using the latest technology.

Making an orthosis to support the lying posture is always a bespoke process. After all, only a precise fit can offer the best support.



Sleeping System

The user’s need is the core essence of the EvoShape design, tailored to fit the unique characteristics of the body shape. Custom moulded and designed specifically to the shape and contours of the body, to support and provide relief in the areas where the user is feeling pain and discomfort. The right solution for users when they need more support for proper positioning with sufficient postural stability.

Key Benefits
  • Creates precise body orientation
  • Custom carved for proper support and stability
  • Stabilizes and accommodates asymmetrical posture to prevent further aggravation
  • Reduce the need for additional support accessories


It’s in the details
  • Preserve health – Waterproof Stitching (WPS®) –a seamless ultrasonic welding of patterns is used and prevents water and moisture to leak into the orthosis. This ensures a good hygiene and long life span of the orthosis.
  • High comfort – The upholstery is cut to exactly match the shape of the orthosis which provides extra comfort.
  • Long durability – Seam Tape Bonding (STB®) is applied to both stitched seams and seams that have been welded using Waterproof Stitching. It also reinforces the seam strength.
  • Tailored – We use precision milling techniques, high-quality materials and a unique waterproofing method. The perfect fit is assured in the lean and efficient production process, within a couple weeks after the personal assessment.




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