Quickie Q300 M Mini

Price £4790 exc VAT  £5748 inc VAT

The Quickie Q300 M Mini is an ultra-compact, mid-wheel drive powerchair which has  boasts exceptional indoor and outdoor performance. At just 52cm wide it is the narrowest, true mid wheel drive powerchair in the market. It is based on the successful and proven Salsa M2 Mini but has new design features which take it to another level.   



Key Features

    • 6-wheel independent suspension with Anti-pitch Technology –  enhances your comfort, stability and traction
    • True Mid Wheelchair Technology – ensures maximum manoeuvrability in restricted spaces
    • 2 or 4-pole motors – providing you with higher speed or  greater power for obstacle climbing 
    • 56Ah Batteries – g up to 22 miles of range so you can travel further 
    • Choice of 12, 13 or 14” Drive wheels – to better match your lifestyle mobility needs 
    • Kerb climb up to 4” – ensures you can overcome most obstacles 
    • SEDEO Lite seat system –  multi-adjustable seat offers a wide section of options to match more complex need
    • SEDEO Flexible backrest – provides enhanced truncal support and comfort 
    • Full powered seat functionality – powered seat movement to match your health, comfort and positioning requirements 
    • New C-ME technology – drive at 30cm seat lift and 4.8kph for greater social interaction and enhanced upper limb function
    • From just 103kg – it will can be easily hoisted in or out of vehicles
    • Over 98 colour options – shrouds and coloured accents to perfectly match to your style

Product specification 

Width:                                         520 mm (12″ Drive Wheels) / 540 mm (13″ Drive Wheels) / 570 mm (14″ Drive Wheels)
Length:                                        From 1060 mm
Seat Width:                                 385 – 510 mm
Seat Height:                                415 – 490 mm
Seat Depth:                                 410 – 510 mm
Seat Tilt:                                      0° – 6° (Fixed Tilt)
Power Seat Tilt:                          30° Powered Tilt
Seat Lift:                                      300 mm
Additional Growth (Width):      2″
Backrest Height:                        460 -510 mm
Backrest Angle:                         -4° to 16°
Turning Radius:                         560 mm
Centre of Gravity:                      Yes
Front Wheel Size:                      7″
Rear Wheel Size:                       12″ / 13″ / 14
Max. Range:                               36 km (with 56 Ah batteries)
Speed:                                         6 kph / 8 kph / 10 kph
Batteries:                                   41 Ah / 56 Ah
Maximum Safe Slope:             6°
Max Kerb Climb:                      50 mm (with 12″ Drive Wheels) / 70 mm (with 14″ Drive Wheels)
Light And Indicators:              Yes
Electronics:                               VR2 / R-Net
Min. Weight:                             From 103 kg (41 Ah batteries)
Total Weight:                            From 103 kg (41Ah batteries)
Maximum User Weight:         136 kg

Transportation Crash Tested. This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19




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